Vintage Mid Century Interior Design


Quality twentieth century interior design pieces including Mid Century Modern Design available from Betty's Retro vintage online store. Please view our current vintage / retro interior design collections from NZ and abroad. "Sustainable Decor " primarily means to recycle and source our interior decor choices responsibly. Buying vintage is an eco-conscious choice.

  • New Zealand retro vintage mid century Modern Interior designs | Betty's Retro NZ
    New Zealand made Vintage / Mid Century Modern Design styles. Often fashionably nostalgic, these items offer a timeless and unique appeal to your interior design choices.
  • European made Vintage Retro Mid Century Modern Design | Betty's Retro NZ
    Elegant European Mid Century Interior Design from Scandinavian Art Glass to West German Fat Lava Pottery.
  • International Vintage Mid Century design | Betty's Retro NZ
    International Vintage Mid Century Modern Interior Design from countries such as America, Australia and Japan to name a few.
  • Vintage 20th Century made Toys and Games | Betty's Retro NZ
    Vintage 20th Century made Games and Toys many of which were made in New Zealand
  • Art Deco Retro Mid Century Modern Lighting | Betty's Retro NZ
    'Bad lighting can ruin the most superb room'. John Crichton, New Zealand Designer. Collections include Art Deco, Industrial and Mid Century Modern Lighting Designs.
  • 20th Century made technology and curiosities | Betty's Retro NZ
    Vintage 20th Century made technology. Collection includes Typewriters, Clocks, Radios and Curiosities.
  • Vintage Mid Century Modern Textiles and Furnishings | Betty's Retro NZ.
    Vintage Fabric, Soft Furnishings, Linen, Bedding and accessories.
  • Vintage Mid Century Modern Unsigned Interior Design Decor | Betty's Retro NZ
    Vintage unmarked or origin unknown 20th Century Vintage Mid Century Modern Interior Design Decor.

"Decorating with Antiques and Repurposed Items: The Eco-Friendly Choice"

Green Journal Dec 21 2020

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