More Vintage NZ Interior Design


More New Zealand made Mid Century / Vintage / Retro designs and collectables. Textiles, Linen, Leather Work, Books and more.
  • Fanny Osborne's Flower Paintings.
    Complete with original dust cover and letter from Heinemann Publishers (NZ) Ltd. The book is signed by the author Jeanne H Goulding. Printed 1983 original limited edition print which accompanied the package not present.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Konev Ltd Jewellery Box
    Vintage handcrafted leather Konev Ltd NZ Jewellery Box.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Leather Trinket Box
    Vintage handcrafted Trinket Box by Cortez Dunedin
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Phillipps and Impey NZ Mirror
    Retro gold gilt mirror. Stamped Phillipps & Impey Ltd, Hamilton, 1977
    NZ$ 80.00
    Out Of Stock

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