Vintage NZ Ceramics and Studio Pottery


New Zealand made vintage Ceramics and Studio Pottery offers a unique and timeless appeal to many interior design settings.

From iconic New Zealand brands such as 'Crown Lynn' to beautifully hand crafted Studio Pottery these pieces deserve to be on display or in use in your 21st Century home.

  • Vintage New Zealand made Ceramics | Betty's Retro NZ
    Beautifully crafted in New Zealand these vintage ceramic items exhibit a timeless appeal for many interior design choices.
  • Mid Century New Zealand Studio Pottery - Betty's Retro NZ
    Mid Century functional and decorative styles from New Zealand Studio Potters offer a sustainable design aesthetic to your interiors.
  • New Zealand made 20th Century Ceramics and Pottery | Betty's Retro NZ
    New Zealand attributed 20th Century ceramics and pottery unsigned, maker unknown.

"Decorating with Antiques and Repurposed Items: The Eco-Friendly Choice"

Green Journal Dec 21 2020

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